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Online therapy is effective, affordable and people like it.

Whether you are looking for Online Speech TherapyOccupational Therapy (OT)School Psychology, or Mental Health Services (Social Work, Counseling, Behavioral Intervention, Assessments, etc) there’s never been a better time to get them.

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Online therapy (also known as teletherapy, telehealth, telemedicine, or telepractice) is backed by decades of research, but has only recently started to grow in its application and popularity. If you’re like most educators, you might still be a little bit unfamiliar with the processes, quality and benefits of this type of therapy. As such, we would expect that you might have some questions and even reservations about trying something new. Specifically, many are interested in its efficacy, affordability, as well as student, parent and public perception.
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A Integrated Solution is the right way to go because onsite and online therapists together can bring more cost efficiency, greater efficacy, and greater student outcomes. In some cases, staffing your school or district 100% with online therapists is the only or best option, and we can do that too.

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Integrated models
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More and more districts are discovering that eLuma is not only affordable, but can actually produce savings. Our pricing makes us very competitive against national averages, but in many cases, our integrated solutions provide efficiencies that can reduce therapy costs by several thousand dollars (or more).

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In a recent survey of Special Education Directors at the CASE/NASDSE Convention, over 61% of those interested in using online therapy listed cost as their primary concern. With ever-tightening budgets, many administrators are understandably wary of adding more expenses to their bottom line. While it is true that some online therapy providers can be quite costly, the perception that online therapy is too expensive is mostly unfounded.

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We provide a free consultation to help you identify areas where you might reduce your costs and simultaneously improve your ability to deliver a broader range of high-quality therapy services.

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