How to Succeed with Online Therapy: A Newcomer's Guide

Webinar On-demand

Presented by: Jeremy Glauser & Mallory Fry

Date: August 18, 2017

Duration: 33 minutes

Here at eLuma, we are committed to giving back to the special education community-at-large. One way we want to do this is by presenting regular webinars. We choose from a wide range of topics and speakers that can provide valuable insights, knowledge, and utility to the participants.

With the growing popularity of telepractice, schools and districts all over the country are embracing it as a viable solution and discovering that it can also be quite transformative.  When an online therapy solution is properly implemented, it can be a fantastic complement to virtually any on-site program — helping it achieve more efficacy and efficiency, along with a wider-range of goals and objectives. This webinar is intended to help schools and districts understand the fundamental expectations around online therapy. The presenters provide an overview of why blended solutions are emerging so quickly, as well as show how online therapy works and is implemented successfully.

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