#1 telehealth platform for live, online therapy.

Provides unparalleled caseload management, compliance, content, assessments, live video conferencing & much more.

The eLuma Teletherapy Platform

Successful and effective online speech therapyonline occupational therapy, online school psychologyassessments, and online mental health service implementations demand a cutting edge telehealth platform in addition to cream-of-the-crop therapists. It all boils down to a simple equation
Great Clinicians + Great Software = eLuma’s Leading Live, Online Therapy Solution.
As a decision-maker, you can’t afford to choose a company that provides online therapy alone. You must consider your staff, the ease of collaboration, transparency and accountability, and the effectiveness of blending your onsite staff with online staff.  Remember, blending onsite and online services can be made or broken with the tools and resources you have at your fingertips.

eLuma devotes a tremendous amount of resources to creating a HIPAA, FERPA, and COPPA compliant telehealth platform that makes blended solutions not only effective, but incredibly valuable for your onsite staff and parents.

Coming in 2021

eLuma will be releasing its ground-breaking teletherapy platform, which will be available for schools and districts to license independent of eLuma’s services.

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The Most Complete Solution of Its Kind

Teletherapist in session with young boy

Role-Based Access

You, your school staff, and even parents can collaborate effectively with online therapists in a role based telehealth platform that is tailored to each user’s needs. Grant and remove access to key stakeholders at your own discretion so you can give people more information right at their fingertips. Do more with what you have.

Dynamic and Smart Scheduling

A robust calendaring system allows you to monitor services and easily search and find key details about each student’s required services. You can monitor your program from anywhere, and you can even log into an online therapist’s classroom to observe from virtually anywhere. In addition, recorded sessions make it easy to audit teletherapy performance.
Woman using calendar reminders and scheduling online
Computer screen of progress monitoring

Progress Monitoring and Data Tracking

Gone are the days when you have to wait 90 days (or a whole quarter) to receive a detailed report on each student’s progress. Monitor every student’s progress and IEP goal data in real-time so you can make better, more informed decisions. Data from eLuma’s telehealth platform can interface with the school’s IEP management system so you can help students achieve their goals and outcomes sooner.

Come See the eLuma Difference

Online comprehensive interactive tools on computer screen

Comprehensive Interactive Tools

Don’t worry, we do this a lot. Therefore, you get tools that are created and vetted by the best. Access an interactive whiteboard, share iPhone and iPads apps in real-time, and take advantage of eLuma’s Virtual BackpackTM.

Full Battery of Speech, OT, and Psych Assessments

Access industry-standard assessment resources and evaluation tools.
File folder with assessment files
Collaboration tools for content creation

Content, Lessons, Collaboration

With over 30,000 pieces of content and fast search and find capabilities, eLuma’s Virtual Backpack™ is easily K-12’s most robust online therapy content platform. Collaborate, create, share, and assign from a vast library of content. And it all fits in your pocket.