The Spirit of Special Education is Alive & Well


The spirit of special education is alive and well.  Here at eLuma, we have the privilege of working with so many great people in special education and have come to see that there is a special spirit amongst those who have joined in the cause. We are continually inspired by the never-ending display of compassion, dedication and sacrifice of special educators . . . even when there is little recognition, support or material reward.


So whenever we go to various special education conferences (CASE, NASDSE, CEC, etc) we try to give a little recognition and we try to make it fun — as sort of a way of giving back.  It’s become a bit of a tradition, to hold a Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament at these events and give a cool grand prize (Apple Watch, Big Screen TV, etc.) to the winner.

Typically, these tournaments are well-attended, competitive, but above all else, fun. If but for a moment, it allows all of us to forget all the stress, contention and demands that come with our jobs and just be more like the kids we serve.

eLuma Rock, Paper, Scissors Contest winners


This last week, members of the eLuma team attended Arizona CEC/CASE Conference in Phoenix.  As per usual, we held the Rock, Paper Scissors event. But this time, something special happened, and we were once again reminded of the goodness of the people we serve.  

eLuma President, Jeremy Glauser, standing with eLuma AZCASE Rock, Paper, Scissors contest winnersDuring the first part of the double-elimination event, Paige Lamb, a resource teacher from Littleton Elementary School District was defeated by Wanda Williams, a Special Programs Director at Tolleson Elementary School District. As luck would have it, Paige was able to win the rest of her matches and in turn, defeat Wanda in the final round.  As the final winner, she was awarded and Apple Watch. But Paige, in the true spirit of what we are describing, turned and offered the watch to Wanda, and declared her the winner.

It was a gesture that was both simple and generous, but more than that, it was a reminder to us of the kind of people we get to work with. Thank you for your generosity of spirit. Your impact is greater than you know!

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George Dayton

George Dayton

George Dayton is the Director of Marketing & Business Development at eLuma Online Therapy. He earned a Bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University as well as a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Woodbury School of Business. Mr. Dayton has spent the larger part of his career developing, producing and distributing filmed content for kids and families ( including the award-winning remake of the film Where the Red Fern Grows for Buena Vista Home Entertainment). In more recent years, he has worked on ventures more closely related to children's welfare and education. He served as one of the founding members of Kidnected World, the Student Orphan Aid Program, and also helped launched the Autism Initiative for Vivint Gives Back. Mr. Dayton is passionate about eLuma and its cause, and hopes to help find new ways in which the company can partner with schools to maximize student outcomes!