Each month, Silicon Slopes holds a town hall where entrepreneurs, community leaders, and government officials discuss a wide variety of issues and topics facing Utah’s startup and tech community. Each town hall is moderated by a prominent entrepreneur or community leader.
Earlier this month, eLuma’s CEO and founder Jeremy Glauser participated in Silicon Slopes monthly town hall meeting.
In the interview, he discussed how eLuma got started 9 years ago, and how it’s grown to provide not only online speech therapy, but also online school psychology, counseling, mental health services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and a broad range of educational assessments. Overall becoming the premier provider of live, online therapy services (also known as teletherapy and telepractice) and software solutions for K-12 special education.
He also discussed how eLuma’s online therapy services help support schools’ and districts’ special education teams and overall create better student outcomes.
You can watch or listen to the interview in the links below.




About eLuma

eLuma is your most dependable online therapy services solution with a track record of 100% fulfillment. Every year, we deliver thousands of online Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, School Psychology, and Mental Health sessions to schools across the nation.
Learn how eLuma can elevate your school or district’s special education program by scheduling a consultation here.
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Aerial Lee

Aerial Lee

Aerial Lee is a Marketing Specialist at eLuma Online Therapy. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing from Utah Valley University. She loves working at eLuma and is passionate about its mission in changing lives for the better.