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True leadership begins as you make a difference in the lives of others. Here at eLuma, we are proud of our fearless founder and president, who leads by example. We invite you to get to know him in this SHORT VIDEO of him speaking at the recent CEC/CASE Special Education Legislative Summit in Washington DC.

(The text transcript is below.)

Introduction by Dr. Luann Purcell, CASE Executive Director

Let me share just a few things about Jeremy Glauser. I’ve known him for a while, and he’s just wonderful, but I’ve learned some things. He’s married. I knew that. He’s a father of three, an avid soccer fan, a skier, volunteer scout leader, youth group leader, the founder and president of the eLuma. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in both in Linguistics and Business Management from Brigham Young University, and graduated magna cum laude honors along with the certification of native proficiency for Spanish language.

With his entrepreneur spirit, passion for linguistics, and desire to make a difference, he has been involved in multiple ventures to provide relief for individuals struggling with speech and communication disorders. eLuma represents his most recent success, where he has built the company into one of the nation’s leading a teletherapy providers for K-12 schools and districts. To date, the company has provided over 350,000 hours of therapy: speech, occupational and appropriately, mental health to over 4,000 students throughout the country.

I want to just tell you that when we were in Tampa, the heart that this company has is one of service, and when Robin, my assistant, was in a bind, his whole company picked everything up and took it to the Tampa Convention Center and uh, you know, we were going to pay for somebody to do that and he said, no, “we’ll do that, that’s who we are.” And so I would like to present Jeremy . . .

Make a Difference by Jeremy Glauser, eLuma Founder & President

I have absolutely enjoyed being in your presence. Every time we get together it feels like family. And uh, now you’ve accepted us into your circle and that is really, really nice of you. Now I know I’m withholding you from these lemon bars, so I’m going to get you one step closer. Stand up. Just stand up. You know, you’ve been sitting for awhile. I’m going to keep this pretty brief.

You know, as an organization we really believe in, and want to make a difference. And so to you. And many years ago I was involved in a project to create a device that shows someone with a speech or language impairment, what their tongue movement was doing. I was working with Dr. Fletcher, a speech scientist, and it was an incredibly fun project. And about that time there was a lot coming out about shortages — much like we’ve talked today, but the shortages were related to related service providers as opposed to Special Ed teachers. And uh, I thought, “you know what, I have a passion for this. I have grown up with family members, cousins and individuals with disabilities and I can make a difference. I can do something to bring something special to these kids.”

And we provide speech, occupational therapy and mental health, and I think it’s really appropriate that as we all go to the hill tomorrow, this is one of the topics because I’m very passionate about this. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get emotional. Sorry. Things change when get in front of 270 people. Uh, I lead a community of youth and it’s a blended model with kids and includes kids with special needs, and one other one committed suicide four months ago. And inevitably you wonder, could you do, could you do more?

And I look at this room and I think there’s a lot of influence here. How many people could we save? How many people could we influence? And that is what it is about. It’s about making a difference in the lives of these kids so that they can enjoy a life of prosperity, and they can enjoy a life of of helping others. And uh, that’s one of the things that I know I want to be involved in for sure is emotional learning, positive school climate and mental health supports.

I couldn’t help but look at our values and think how similar we are. We really are human beings who are all endeavoring to make a difference in the lives of individuals. Our values on the left as a company, what we believe in and fight for every day and the values of CASE and CEC as a group. And there is so much in common that we have from VISION: seeing opportunities that others don’t see, LEADERSHIP: taking the opportunity and enact change and doing it with excellence, and all of the values of CEC. Vision, there it is again, INTEGRITY, INCLUSIVENESS — these are all things that will help us make a difference in this world, and in our individual communities. Thank you. Enjoy your snacks.

Oh yeah, and  we did bring a little gift. We only have 150 of them left, but uh, we are giving  you sunglasses because you’re going to need him. The future with eLuma is brighter. Thank you.


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George Dayton

George Dayton

George Dayton is the Director of Marketing & Business Development at eLuma Online Therapy. He earned a Bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University as well as a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Woodbury School of Business. Mr. Dayton has spent the larger part of his career developing, producing and distributing filmed content for kids and families ( including the award-winning remake of the film Where the Red Fern Grows for Buena Vista Home Entertainment). In more recent years, he has worked on ventures more closely related to children's welfare and education. He served as one of the founding members of Kidnected World, the Student Orphan Aid Program, and also helped launched the Autism Initiative for Vivint Gives Back. Mr. Dayton is passionate about eLuma and its cause, and hopes to help find new ways in which the company can partner with schools to maximize student outcomes!