eLuma is committed to impacting lives with the help of each and every individual we work with. We want to make sure that you have the chance to get to know these amazing people through our Leaders in Education series. In this profile, we feature Sherry Reed, who is a Senior Account Executive at ACT.
Amid worries of “over-testing,” Sherry Reed understands the true purpose of assessments.
What interventions? How to adjust the curriculum? If an assessment is not guiding your next steps, then you are using the wrong one. Every day Sherry works with schools to review data to diagnose student learning and improve instruction.
Sherry Reed was born to be a teacher, and school improvement is her passion. Most 6-12 educators are licensed in a single subject, but Sherry is licensed in history, geography, Spanish,
psychology, and biology. Her passion is history. She entered administration early because it was challenging for her to get a high school history teaching position in a state filled with small schools, without experience coaching specific sports like football. She did assist with wrestling for two years because of her gymnastics background! Today, her job is to convince schools to be data-driven or at least a little more data-driven.
“Education is literally about changing peoples’ minds… I used to change students’ minds about history and now I change educators’ minds.” -Sherry Reed
She has an MSEd in Curriculum and Instruction, expertise as a curriculum coordinator, a school improvement coordinator, and an assessment consultant. Sherry prefers the challenges of assessment but believes curriculum and assessment work together, not separately.
“The goal is to help educators get better every day.” -Sherry Reed
eLuma is delighted to have Sherry Reed as the Leader in Education for September.
About the Author
Joy Marie Curtis, eLuma CX Operations Coordinator, Master in Education with an emphasis in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, B.S. Early Childhood Education with a minor in International Relationships, experience teaching kindergarten on the Navajo Nation reservation and in rural Utah at a title I school.
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Aerial Lee

Aerial Lee

Aerial Lee is a Marketing Specialist at eLuma Online Therapy. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing from Utah Valley University. She loves working at eLuma and is passionate about its mission in changing lives for the better.