How Technology Empowered Special Education Parents to be Better Advocates

It’s no surprise that the pandemic opened many doors for technology to touch aspects of our lives in ways that we didn’t previously explore before. From the way we work, and the way we teach, to the way we order food, we are experiencing a shift that has inevitably become our new normal.
One area that has seen a major transformation is special education, and specifically, how special education parents are able to engage and play an active role in their student’s program.
Prior to the pandemic, there weren’t many tools or strategies for special education teachers and parents to have open communication lines. Now, that is all changing due to the massive migration to technology that has been brought on by the pandemic and at-home schooling.
A recent EdSurge article by Nadia Tamez-Robledo explores how special education parents were able to become better advocates during the pandemic:

Technology Leveled the (Virtual) Playing Field 

Before, if parents were unable to join in-person IEP meetings to check on their student’s goals and progress, or if they felt uncomfortable doing so, there weren’t many options to play catch-up. Now, whether you’re a working parent or feel more comfortable in a virtual setting, video services such as Zoom allow you to be there and be present on an equal playing ground.

Educators Were Just a Text Away

Technology gave parents the opportunity to explore communication strategies that were outside of the traditional norms of the past. When students were gaining most of their education in home settings, parents now had the ability to reach out directly to teachers and get immediate answers, rather than setting up a meeting days away.

Parents and Students Both Felt Empowered to be Advocates

Because parents now have an active role in their student’s progression, they are more engaged, and more empowered to advocate for their needs.

Read more in the original EdSurge article: Technology Made Special Education Parents Better Advocates During the Pandemic

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Sierra Thomas

Sierra Thomas

Sierra Thomas is a Marketing Communications Program Manager at eLuma Online Therapy. A lover of all things technology, Sierra enjoys the unique opportunity to advance eLuma’s mission of improving therapeutic outcomes on a social, emotional and mental health level in elementary and secondary school settings through teletherapy options. Prior to joining eLuma, Sierra worked in public relations for a number of technology companies spanning the Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Enterprise and SaaS landscapes. She received her B.A. from Brigham Young University’s School of Communications with a Public Relations emphasis.