eLumaNation Speaker Highlight: John Kelly, Ph.D

The 2021 eLumaNation Summit is happening virtually September 30 – October 1, and we want you to join us! We have an impressive lineup of guest speakers who will be presenting on some of the most important topics facing special educators, administrators, and students in K-12 schools. 

This week, one of our highlighted speakers is John Kelly, Ph.D.  

Dr. Kelly’s presentation will equip attendees with:

  • An understanding of the Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) Framework and how this applies to the provision of mental health services in school. 
  • The ability to identify their role at different “”tiers”” or levels within this framework. 
  • The opportunity to identify specific interventions at the different “”tiers”” which can be applied within their school setting. “

“All schools recognize that students’ mental health impacts their  ability to learn. The key is integrating mental health supports into what schools are already doing to enhance learning.”

John Kelly, Ph.D

Presentation Overview

Administrators and educators are becoming acutely aware of the mental health needs of students and the impact that these issues have on  learning and students’ ability to thrive in school. However, the good news is that schools are uniquely positioned to facilitate the development, delivery, and monitoring of prompt, effective, and culturally responsive mental and behavioral health services,on a preventive and intervention basis. When implemented in schools, these services not only address mental health needs, but also improve school climate, behavioral adjustment of students, and individual achievement in the classroom. This presentation will introduce the participants to a Multi-tiered Systems of Support framework for providing mental health  services in schools. Specific intervention strategies and the role of the school-based mental health professionals and other educators in  implementing these strategies will be discussed.

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About John Kelly, Ph.D

Dr. John Kelly is a school psychologist in the Commack School District  and an Adjunct Professor at St. John’s University in the School  Psychology program. He earned his Ph.D. in Clinical and School  Psychology from Hofstra University.  Dr. Kelly has publications and book chapters and presented at numerous national and international conferences on topics that include mental and behavioral health services for children, advocacy training for school psychologists, legislative  issues related to education and children, leadership development, violence and bullying prevention, and suicide awareness. Dr. Kelly is on the Executive Board of the New York Association of School Psychologists (NYASP) and is a Past President of the National Association of School  Psychologists (NASP). Dr. Kelly has received numerous state and national awards, including the NYS School Practitioner of the Year in 2001 and  the NASP School Psychologist of the Year in 2003.

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Sierra Thomas

Sierra Thomas

Sierra Thomas is a Marketing Communications Program Manager at eLuma Online Therapy. A lover of all things technology, Sierra enjoys the unique opportunity to advance eLuma’s mission of improving therapeutic outcomes on a social, emotional and mental health level in elementary and secondary school settings through teletherapy options. Prior to joining eLuma, Sierra worked in public relations for a number of technology companies spanning the Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Enterprise and SaaS landscapes. She received her B.A. from Brigham Young University’s School of Communications with a Public Relations emphasis.