A Message from eLuma’s CEO on the Importance of Prioritizing Mental Health

As May wrapped up a month of raising awareness on mental health, eLuma’s CEO and Founder, Jeremy Glauser, shares a message of hope, as well as his candid thoughts on the importance of prioritizing mental health and ending the stigma. Because eLuma believes mental health is something that should be acknowledged and prioritized every day of the year. Follow him on LinkedIn.
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Sierra Thomas

Sierra Thomas

Sierra Thomas is a Marketing Communications Program Manager at eLuma Online Therapy. A lover of all things technology, Sierra enjoys the unique opportunity to advance eLuma’s mission of improving therapeutic outcomes on a social, emotional and mental health level in elementary and secondary school settings through teletherapy options. Prior to joining eLuma, Sierra worked in public relations for a number of technology companies spanning the Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Enterprise and SaaS landscapes. She received her B.A. from Brigham Young University’s School of Communications with a Public Relations emphasis.