NASDSE makes special education better.

2017 NASDSE Conference

This last week, various members of the eLuma team travelled to Portland, Oregon to attend the National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE) Annual Conference.  Some of the busiest and most passionate professionals I have ever met gathered together for 3 days to discuss how to improve the teaching of Special and Exceptional Children across the U.S. Each of the speakers demonstrated their ongoing commitment to do all in their power to ensure that each child’s need is individually met, and that just “passing the test” isn’t always indicative of “making the mark.”

2017 NASDSE Conference Attendees

A plethora of topics were discussed within keynote sessions, roundtables, and group discussions, all in attempt to learn best practices that can be replicated. But throughout the entirety of the conference, the underlining virtue was clear. Special needs children deserve our best effort. They deserve a meaningful and tailored education based upon their needs and circumstances. And on top of that, working with the parents to ensure measurable and progressive goals are met is paramount.

During the course of 3 days, it was apparent that the status quo for taking care of these children is never enough. Strategic and duplicatable plans were necessary to keep up with the growing demands in schools.  Deflection of self and focus on others needs was an overriding element of the discussions. It was clear to me that each of these administrators and directors absolutely loved what they do on a day to day. Why? Because they were changing lives. Despite the stress that comes with this extremely detailed and sensitive profession, love and concern overcame all of that.

Making a Difference in Special Education

eLuma at NASDSE 2017: making special education better.The synergy and communication that transpired between tables and individuals created an environment of creativity and hope. This oneness towards the same purpose was tangible. Each was motivated to go their ways in their different cities and states to make a difference. When I witnessed this, I instantly knew that those whom they were serving were going to receive great things.

Our team at eLuma Online Therapy participated and had many meaningful conversations with each of the State teams. The need was obvious. Leveraging online technology would be an instant relief and problem solver for several issues surrounding staff shortages and data management. We assured each of them our commitment to operate with integrity and provide efficient and effective tools to help improve the teaching of Special and Exceptional Children.

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Chad Gundry, MBA

Chad Gundry, MBA

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